An expert network connection tester in the palm of your hand.

In seconds the LinkSprinter Network Tester applies expert troubleshooting techniques to deliver actionable results with its color-graded LEDs.

On Your Phone

View detailed results on your mobile device.

The LinkSprinter 200 Network Tester results can be accessed through the browser of any mobile device with its built-in Wi-Fi access point and web server.



Cloud Service

The LinkSprinter Cloud Service

Throw away your hand scribbled notes. Use LinkSprinter’s Cloud Service to store, manage, analyze, email & annotate network test results; then generate custom reports.


See the LinkSprinter Network Tester in action.

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LinkSprinter Overview
LinkSprinter On Your Phone
LinkSprinter Cloud Service

Which network tester is right for you?


LinkSprinter 200


Quick and simple network testing for the advanced troubleshooting professional – with the added benefit of having immediate access to your in-depth test results from any mobile device, anywhere!

  • Embedded Wi-Fi access point for details in real-time using your mobile devices
  • Cloud-based management system
  • Battery/Power over Ethernet (PoE) operated
  • One-button, tri-state LED interface


LinkSprinter 100


For the technician who doesn’t need to fuss with the details immediately – your results are sent straight to the cloud for the network engineer or later review.

  • Cloud-based management system
  • Battery/Power over Ethernet (PoE) operated
  • One-button, tri-state LED interface



Questions? Start here.

Do I have to use the LinkSprinter Cloud Service?
The Cloud Service is optional. The LinkSprinter functions like an ordinary network tester without it. Like traditional network testers you can test indefinitely without it and view your network test results on your LinkSprinter or your phone with the model 200.

What happens when I receive my LinkSprinter Network Tester?
It only takes moments to begin testing with your LinkSprinter. Follow the Getting Started Guide to claim the network tester and capture your test results to the cloud.

What are the differences between the LinkSprinter model 100 and 200?
Both models provide testing for Power over Ethernet (PoE), Link to the Switch, DHCP connection, Gateway connection, and Internet connection, via the color-graded LEDs as well as the LinkSprinter Cloud Service. The model 200 network testing tool includes a built-in Wi-Fi access point, allowing your phone or tablet’s browser to display detailed network test results, making network troubleshooting more effective.

How does my phone or tablet work with the LinkSprinter?
Tap the power button to turn on the LinkSprinter built-in Wi-Fi AP, then associate your mobile device to the LinkSprinter SSID, and open your browser to The browser user interface provides test details.

What if I want to outfit my entire fleet?
Managing a fleet of technicians has never been easier. Network testers can be personally named and all organizational results are collected by the LinkSprinter Cloud Service for email or report generation. For orders greater than 100 network testers, contact Fluke Networks directly.

Rants & Raves

See what experts say about LinkSprinter!

"Fluke's Linksprinter 200 is our Editors' Choice for network troubleshooting tools because it brings smart, simple testing capabilities in a reasonably affordable package."

"5 out of 5 for making Ethernet testing not only more affordable but also easier."
~ Networkworld.com

"Every tech should have one of these in their bag."
~ Eli the Computer Guy

"It is ridiculously easy to run a test, works quickly, provides useful results and the Wi-Fi functionality with no app to install is brilliant!"
~ SmallNetBuilder.com

"Wi-Fi functionality with no app to install is great!"
~ SmallNetBuilder

"These are the kinds of things you should be doing everywhere. These are the kinds of things you should be doing every time."
~ Enterprise Tech

"Will make IT guys want one for their tool box or pocket."
~ Gadgeteer

"If you are needing an inexpensive and portable way to test connectivity, then you’ll love this device."
~ Chambers Daily

"Easy to use and feature-packed automated network test tool."
~ HandyManHowTo

"The Fluke LinkSprinter eliminated the guesswork and quickly identifies network troubles."
~ HandyManHowTo